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The BBQ Train 

This is a very unique little BBQ smoker vintage Train. Well not so little when it comes to BBQ's  it's been seen at many events around the UK and the Pulled pork has been enjoyed by many. This BBQ still has a large capacity but can't give the options as the twin or The Smoking Rat due to the size of the smoker.  

The Twin Barrell Pit Trailer


 This is a BIG one and one of a kind this is in fact it is currently the only twin of this size in Europe and certainly the largest capacity BBQ to.  It has two large smoker pits side by side mounted on a trailer with a chargrill on the front and hot box on the rear, to give you and idea it can hold 200- 1/2 Chickens Or: 120  - 10lb. Pork Butts, this BBQ gives the option to have different things going on at any one time

The Smoking Rat 

    If your know wondering.

        Yes it's a Rat Rod  

This Vintage 1951 Ford F6 Coe was found in Washington State and shipped beck to the Uk , It's taken almost two years and well over a 1000 hrs to complete the project 

The only  purpose built rat rod smoker in the UK and as far as we know any where else in the world !! 


This is the real deal with 6ltr diesel unit putting out 300hp it sounds awesome, with full air ride and of course it wouldn't be complete without it's massive 4 meter bbq and smoker on the back   

You want something very different at your event then this is it. 


     It's totally bad ass 

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We are a family run business that is passionate about food and BBQ'ing.  Our pork is free range and, our bread is from a local baker and our beef, chicken and ribs are all sourced locally. Westlands BBQ have been serving Pulled Pork at events across the country for seven years now.


We are always expanding with our creative Pit Smokers to give you more options than ever before. This will give you the amazing Southern taste of Our pork, briskets, chicken and ribs that are prepared by us from scratch with a very unique blend of rubs and spices. Please remember Pulled Pork is completely different to a hog roast.  

If you want to know more about what we can do for your event please call us .  


BBQIng isn't just a way of cooking.... its a way of life.  A great way of life.  


Paul, Nikki and family 





Westlands BBQ have achieved a Level 5 for our food Hygiene please follow the link to see our certifacte from the Local Authorities.



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