Event Organisers

Some information on Westlands BBQ which we hope will be useful.   


Depending on  the event we have different options to bring, this would be agreed in advance, but in general we need a foot print of 10 meters x 7 meters . 


With our large BBQ we have the option to set up a serving point at both ends of the BBQ with it's large pit ovens we can offer a greater choice, this would of course change our foot print a little.


Up to now BBQ is looked at as a small thing and traditionly it would be, the big BBQing style of the USA is coming here, the large pit smokers and that amazing Southern taste, all cooked low and slow, Well we have it and can bring it to your event.



We have been operating for six years and gained the experience of the cooking style that you just don't learn over night. It's not just chuck a lump of meat in an oven at gas mark 7. It's all in the cooking, getting the right rub mix(but rub), the wood to smoke with, then slowly cooking over night using charcoal, you can't get that  flavour out of a gas oven. 


5 star rating 


NCASS Certified staff


Public Liability Insurance 


Tables and chairs 


We are very self sufficient as a unit giving the organisers the option to locate us in almost any place, we carry an on board silent LPG gas generator so no power hook up needed.  The only thing we ask is that we can get access to a fresh water tap.

As well as festivals and shows we are available to cater for any private events, parties or weddings.  


We also provided crew catering for festivals and events.  Please get in touch for further information.