Our slow cooked Pulled Pork, Texas Beef Briskets both smoked and BBQ'd overnight for a delicious taste and succulent flavor. We can also offer BBQ chicken in different styles, including the popular chicken salad wrap.  


Did you know -  

Slow cooked BBQ Beef Brisket is the National dish of Texas 



With either BBQ / Smoker we start at breakfast time offering a Thickly sliced bacon in Doorstep Bread Sandwich and the all day breakfast Sausage, bacon and egg in bap these all ways go down well at the start of the day. At events where there is camping we can also offer the full English breakfast first this thing in the morning. 

Vegetarian /gluten free option 

Jacket Potato 
Yes we know its BBQ but we still want to cater for every one. with different  dietary requirements.  For the Vegetarian and Gluten free we have jacket potato instead of the roll. For the meat lovers and Gluten free people This is a very popular option though with the pulled pork or Brisket as well.